Helping Families In Conflict Get Through Difficult Times

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Helping Families In Conflict Get Through Difficult Times

Experienced Family Law Attorney In Indianapolis

I am Clarissa Finnell, a skilled family law attorney with 25 years of experience representing clients in the Indianapolis metro and surrounding areas. I understand how emotional and personal family law concerns are and their impacts on the family dynamic. I take a compassionate, sympathetic approach to family law matters. I am driven to help families find viable solutions that have their best interests in mind and achieve their legal goals.

Compassionate Support In The Courtroom And In Mediation

I see my job as a family law attorney as helping families get through a difficult time by providing them with all options to resolve their cases. These include negotiation, litigation, mediation and collaborative law. In my initial interview with a new client, I make a point to tell them that I am always prepared to litigate their case if necessary, but that is not my goal for every situation.

I have extensive experience in assisting people in family law cases, such as:

Collaborative Divorce: The big upside of opting for a collaborative divorce is that you never have to step foot in the courtroom. It puts the decision-making power in your hands rather than a family court judge. I work with my clients to work with their spouses to peacefully resolve all of the issues surrounding their divorce.

Modifications: As time passes after your divorce, changes in your life will often necessitate changes to support payments, parenting plans and other agreements. Changes in income, relocating to new city and childcare issues are often at the root of modifications. I advise people on getting modifications, draft the necessary paperwork and file documents with the court.

Mediation: As a registered mediator and a member of the Central Indiana Association of Collaborative Professionals for over 20 years, I understand how to effectively use mediation to resolve disputes. Mediation allows divorcing couples to come to agreements without hostility or the time and expense of going to court. The process allows everyone involved to make their concerns known and have an equal say in making decisions.

At the Law Office of Clarissa Finnell, I want to help clients settle their case with a minimum of conflict, especially when children are involved. Resolving the issue without court intervention saves time and money and reduces stress. However, if going to court becomes necessary, I have extensive experience in family law litigation. I strive to make the litigation process as stress-free as possible for my clients.

Service For All Divorce-Related Legal Needs

Whether you have just decided to file for divorce or need post-decree modification to your parenting plan, I can help. I pride myself on taking the stress out of divorce-related matters. I believe that it isn’t dealing with the legal system that is stressful, it is dealing with the unknown. By explaining the legal process in plain English and making sure my clients know what to expect, I reduce levels of anxiety in what is already an emotionally stressful time. My services include:

  • Premarital agreements
  • Collaborative divorce
  • Parenting time (visitation)
  • Legal separation
  • Paternity
  • Child support
  • Child custody

I am also a registered domestic mediator, collaborative practitioner and parenting coordinator assisting clients who are seeking to resolve their family law cases without going to court.

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Having an experienced and skilled family law attorney is essential when dealing with legal issues that involve family. I can confidently help clients navigate the challenging legal system, laws and regulations. I empower them with my knowledge and guidance to make the right decisions for their families.

I can help clients avoid making costly mistakes, reduce the time spent on resolving issues, and avoid being taken advantage of during negotiations. Fill out my online contact form or call 317-759-5397 to schedule a consultation.